There are so many great resources for adults to learn about the science an history of chocolate.  But what about kids? As a fourth-grade teacher, I have found a number of great non-fiction and fiction texts for my "Ms. Mitchell's (Book) Box of Chocolates," and thought I'd share some of them with you! 

WHERE TO BUY: As a cash-strapped public school teacher, I often buy my books used, and have a few beloved online independent bookstores that sell used and new books.  Here are a few that I have used before (click on name and the shop will open in a new window):  

AbeBooks,            Powell's Books,            Books-A-Million,           Books Inc.,           or the trusty Ebay.

I know we often have overflowing Amazon wish lists or limited suppliers through DonorsChoose or Adopt-A-Classroom, but I want to hopefully throw a little independent bookstore support in whenever I can! 
**All books listed below will link to their Powell's page, but feel free to purchase wherever you usually do**


Chocolate is a great instant-engagement for kids to learn about ecosystems and food chains/webs (both big current standards in CA 4th grade).  These are some of the books that we used and loved in my classroom:



Do you have any chocolate books that you've used in your classroom or read with your kids that you liked? Please let me know by sending me an email!