About Us

Chocolat Hanalei is a three-generation family business. In truth, it is more three generations supporting Irmgard's passion, drive, and talent.

Have you heard of Maui, the Hawaiian Superman? Well, Irmgard is the Wainiha Wonder Woman! At an age where most people take up bridge and sudoku, Irmgard bought acres of land in the Wainiha valley and set about planting over 300 cacao trees from seed, building a commercial kitchen, and launching her business. Applying agricultural knowledge from her years as a vintner and business skills from her previous bakery, as well as a passion for the precise alchemy of chocolate-making, Irmgard's work quickly got rave reviews from locals and visitors alike.

The rest of the family do everything we can to help her and keep up with her.

Lead Farmer: Irmgard

Lead Harvester: Irmgard

Fermentation, drying, Roasting: Irmgard

Chocolatier: Irmgard

Sales & Banter: Jack

Sales & Kitchen assistant: Maddie

Farm assistant: Eli

General helpfulness: Shona

Morale: Tito