Our Products

Our Seed-to-Tree-to-Bean-to-Bar Chocolate, entirely grown and made in Wainiha:

The PowerHouse Bar

Our Chocolate Barks:

Chipotle Bark

Peppermint Bark

Tropical Bark

Mac Nut Bark

Our Bon Bons:

Coconut Truffle

Hanalei PBJ's

Passion Fruit Caramel

Passion Fruit Domes

Coffee Drop

Dark & Stormy

10-Piece Gift Box

12-Piece Gift Box

Our Other Products:

Dark Chocolate & Apple-Bananas

70% Dark Chocolate Turtles

Dark Chocolate & Mangoes

70% Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt

Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Pralines

And even more! (all products may not all be in stock at any given time)

Milk Chocolate Shells

Unfortunately, due to a lack of temperature control and the delicate nature of chocolate without preservatives, we are unable to ship our chocolates.

We appreciate your understanding. Mahalo

"As we explored Hanalei, we found ourselves attracted to this adorable little chocolate shop. We love chocolate.

During our trip, we made every effort to seek out Hawaii and Kauai made goods. This chocolate shop was one of the best examples of Kauai made goods. Owned by a wife and husband team, we were taken care of by the husband. The wife makes all of the chocolate and it is ALL delicious. We left with a variety of delicious treats including several truffles (get the passion fruit one!) that did not make it back to the hotel. We also purchased ginger chocolates that were fantastic and a dark chocolate bar that will not last for much longer in our home.

Please stop in, say "hello" and purchase something (if you choose) to support these delicious Kauai made treats."

"How many times can I say the word YUMMY?!!!!!!! Because this chocolate is so yummy!!!!!!! It's a tiny spot but a must when you're in the area! We just tried the trUffles and OMG it was so rich and delicious!!!!!!! Highly recommended!!"

"Chocolat Hanalei is a must when visiting Kauai. Everything is amazing. The Salted Carmel is a must. Only regret is that we didn't bring any home. The chocolate is amazing."

"Combine delicious chocolate, tropical flavors, a quaint shop in Hanalei, and delightful service and it's hard not to give if 5 stars! The passion fruit bon bon is close to heaven and the kids love snacking on the 60% dark chocolate fish. All in all, a great treat spot for the vacation!"

"Tiny Chocolat shop, BIG on delicious, unique, handmade chocolates! Everything is scratch made with local fruits and chocolate from local cacao pods. A friend of mine recently moved to Kauai and when she came back to Portland for a visit, she brought me a box of the dark chocolate covered apple banana sticks. They were out of this world! Dangerously good! When I visited my friend and her husband in Kauai later that year, my first request was "take me to that chocolate shop! Located on the North shore at the far end of the Hanalei shopping center, Chocolat Hanalei is easy to miss. It's a tiny little light green [now brown] standalone shop. Look for it! Find it!"